usefulideas® are a dedicated team of
Financial Advisors and Benefits Consultants

We deliver strategic value &
financial security to our customers.

Integrity - Innovation - Experience

Integrity - The Cornerstone of a Trust Relationship

When working with our customers, we hold fast to ethical principles, industry compliance and common sense. Every solution is unique for each customer, and private.

Innovation - Implementation of an Idea, Change or Improvement

We develop programs that are systematic, customer-focused and sensible. Our consistent approach leads to sound decisions.

Experience - Knowledge and Practical Expertise

Years of experience and continuing education help us to generate value-added solutions that are cost-effective and tax-effective.

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Often business owners have
everything invested in their company

We can provide tax-effective retirement plans
to diversify and to secure income for the future.

Business Owners
Our goal is to work with our customers to protect their business, its continuity
and its ongoing value.

Solutions for Business Owners

We design and structure protection plans that can accomplish two core objectives:

  • To support the continuity of your business in the event of disability, illness or death
  • To re-acquire the equity owned by the shareholder who can no longer work
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Your employees are your best asset

When we provide the benefits plan,
your people know its value and use it wisely.

Employee Benefits
In working with customers, we focus on the successful implementation of an idea, a change or an improvement.

We hold fast to ethical principles, industry compliance and common sense.

Independent Advisory

  • More than 25 Years in Business
  • Over 350 Plans in Force

Our Customers

  • 3 to 1,000 Employees
  • Over 2/3 of New Business from referrals
  • Customer Retention Rate: 98%
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Have a financial plan?

Every solution is unique for each customer,
and private.

Financial Planning
Every solution is unique for each customer, and private.

As our customer you are faced with three major issues:

1. Longevity
Longer life expectancy means you need more money for a longer time
2. Safety of Principal
Volatile markets mean that we need to plan with 'no surprises' and a secure place for your life savings
3. Control
You need to make informed decisions and you need your plan to provide for you in later years.
Financial Planning
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Increased longevity presents
serious financial challenges

With a company Retirement Plan,
you share the cost with your people.

Retirement Benefits

Why should your company have a Retirement Plan?

Saving for Retirement is your employees' financial challenge. For everyone Retirement Savings is difficult to understand and even more difficult to accomplish.

Rewarding Employees facilitates retaining good people. The Plan design can recognize service, loyalty and performance.

Tax advantages include accumulation without taxation & deferral of income.

What does every member of your Retirement Plan want to know?

  • Do I have enough to retire?
  • Considering longevity, will my income last?
  • Is my money safe?
  • How do I invest?
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Don't leave your property and assets to chance

Use our Estate Planning services and know
that your wishes will be carried out effectively.

Estate Planning

What is Estate Planning?

Estate Planning is a process to ensure that an individual's personal property and assets are:

  • Managed effectively during their lifetime; and
  • Their wishes will be carried out effectively after their death.
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