Employee Benefit Plans

Benefit plans have become an important component of payroll costs. We work with you to stabilize costs and provide a comprehensive program.

  • Key Questions about Your Plan

    • Does your Plan serve three or four generations in your workforce?
    • When does the insurer pay, and when does the insurer not pay?
    • Did your advisor negotiate a cost-effective renewal that delivers value?
    • Do your employees appreciate your sponsorship?
  • Working With You on Your Benefits Plan

    • Prioritize Plan components using surveys, interviews and focus groups
    • Contain costs utilizing benchmarking and rate models
    • Educate plan members through group presentations and individual sessions
    • Monitor claims experience and plan usage to analyze costs and ensure proactive planning – no surprises
  • The usefulideas® advantage

    • Plan design – solutions that can serve three or four generations
    • Detailed analysis of your contract and its value
    • Cost containment – alternative solutions that can stabilize costs
    • Communications - on-site meetings ensure understanding and appreciation of the plan
    • Responsive personal service – connect to a real person in our office who cares